Now that marijuana is legal in many areas, indoor marijuana growing is all the rage. And in order to start growing cannabis indoors, you’ll need a grow tent. We’re going to start off with a 4×4 grow tent review. Why? Because it’s our favorite sized grow tent and we are about to show you why. Oh, and we are also grow tent experts. Or at least we think we are. ?

On this site we will review many sizes of grow tents (see below), but we find that the 4×4 grow tent is the best combination of size, versatility, price, and a few other factors. Scroll down further for additional grow tent reviews.

Expert Grow Tent Reviews: 

(We’re updating the site and will have 50+ grow tent reviews ready by the end of March 2018).

 VIVOSUN 5×5 Grow Tent

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Breakdown of the Top Features

A moderate 5×5 grow tent is a perfect setup for any beginner, immediate, or advanced grower. It features 3 heavy duty hanging bars that can bear up to 110lb, making it perfect for any lighting rig you choose to use.

It also features a floor tray, which keeps maintenance low. The entire tent is also light proof, which keeps light out and keeps your growing environment sealed off and in its best shape. Lastly, this tent is made from top quality materials and is easy to set up. This 5×5 tent is slightly bigger than your 4×4 cannabis grow tent, and will allow the owner to plant more seeds and have slightly larger plants.
Check out the VIVOSUN Horticulture 5×5 Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent on Amazon!

Gorilla Grow Tent LTGGT88 Tent 8×8

gorilla grow tent 8x8 LTGGT88Breakdown of the Top Features

This huge grow tent is made from durable canvas. It also features a strong interlocking metal frame and bug resistant micro mesh pre-filters. The filters keep pesky bugs away without having to use any harmful pesticides.

The height of the Gorilla Grow Tent can be easily extended with patented extension poles which are sold separately. Lastly, it features easy access doors and windows. This LTGGT88 is twice as big as a traditional 4×4 grow tent and offers more space and room to grow your seeds into vibrant  cannabis plants.


Warning for Indoor Grow Tent Growers!

We do have a warning for all indoor weed growers that are likely reading our Grow Tent Experts blog. It is important to keep in mind the following: Obviously if you are growing cannabis indoors, you are using soil in addition to a hydroponic system. This allows for vibrant plants to grow indoors. However, there is one error that many indoor growers make: they try to inject and grossly increase the amount of nutrients into their indoor plants. We strongly advise against this!

It is important to keep in mind that when growing weed indoors, there needs to be moderation. Just because this or that nutrient is known to help plants blossom and grow to bigger sizes, does not mean you should use it, especially in combination with other nutrients!

There is one rule with plants: they only ingest what is required for them to grow. IE soil and water. Sure, there are nutrients out there which are conducive to cannbis growing indoors and in grow tents. But please make sure not to go crazy and inject your plant with tons of cannabis nutrients.

This means that if you add 25 extra units of nitrogen into your soil,  you will waste about 20 of them, because your small cannabis plant growing in your 4×4 grow tent will only require about 5 units of nitrogen to grow! This can cause nutrient deficiencies, which then exacerbates the problem. If you did already add too many nutrients to your marijuana plant, then we recommend that you execute a flush. Simply add clean water to saturate it, then add some fertilizer (ideally organic versions here), and then leave the plant untouched for 3 days. This flush should save your cannabis plant from nutrient issues. Best of luck!