Best 8×8 Grow Tent: Reviews and Research

Gorilla Grow Tent LTGGT88 Tent 8×8

gorilla grow tent 8x8 LTGGT88Breakdown of the Top Features

This huge grow tent is made from durable canvas. It also features a strong interlocking metal frame and bug resistant micro mesh pre-filters. The filters keep pesky bugs away without having to use any harmful pesticides.

The height of the Gorilla Grow Tent can be easily extended with patented extension poles which are sold separately. Lastly, it features easy access doors and windows. This LTGGT88 is twice as big as a traditional 4×4 grow tent and offers more space and room to grow your seeds into vibrant  cannabis plants.

The iPower Water-Resistant 8×8 Grow Tent

This hydroponic grow tent is a must for anyone who always wanted to grow plants but never had the space. The removable bottom tray makes it perfect for growing seedlings indoors and reaping the harvest of hard work. Measuring eight by eight feet, this grow tent promises a lot of room in addition to its other attractive features.

The tent’s package includes the material that covers the frame, a couple of handy filter straps, and the afore-mentioned water-resistant floor made of reflective Mylar. The inner side of the covering and the floor are both of the same reflective Mylar, making for double the light and half the energy needed. Also, you don’t have to fear the assembling. The handy user manual has everything you need to safely and easily assemble the tent just where you need it.

Once set up, customers cannot stop raving about how this tent does just what it’s meant to, without any hassle or fuss. The zippers, for instance, are heavy and prevent any light from getting out where it doesn’t belong. The double-stitching does the same. Meanwhile, the heavy duty steel poles make sure the frame is secure and sturdy. We can hence recommend this tent to any plant lover who’s on the lookout for a great growing experience.

The VIVOSUN Mylar 8×8 Grow Tent

There’s a lot about this great grow tent that would have us recommending it. Grow tents may seem simple constructions, but a lot of work goes into them and their functioning. When it comes to detailing, there’s nothing like VIVOSUN and the grow tents they provide.

For instance, you won’t find anything of low quality in the makeup of this tent. If the zippers break or the tent itself rips, all the gardening and growing plans go out the window. The makers of this tent are highly aware of this. Hence, the attention to the little things is absolutely keen and thorough.

When the plants are growing inside, one can easily observe their progress from the clear and clean observation window. This allows you to get a peek without having to disturb your babies. If you do need to get in for some upkeep and maintenance, the zippers slide smoothly for an easy entrance. Since the tent itself measure eight feet at its base, there’s no need to bend over and possible throw your back out.

Customers have written glowing reviews about how this handy tent has transformed their indoor growing experiences. With fast installing and great customer service, this is surely an investment that won’t disappoint.

Quictent SGS Approved 8×8 Grow Tent

Grow tents are great for indoor gardening, but some may worry about the thick material they come with. After all, when disposed of, they can’t possibly be good for the environment, right? Luckily, customers of the Quictent SGS approved tent don’t really have to worry about all that.

This Eco-friendly grow tent comes with the usual features that make a grow tent give the best performance possible. This includes a reflective Mylar interior, removable tray for easy cleanup, and a handy observation window.

However, there’s a lot more to be said for this tent than just convenience. Its material has passed all the requirements for an SGS certification. Hence, you can be sure that this tent wouldn’t give off toxic fumes that could harm children, pets, or the plants themselves. With a brand like Quictent, we can surely expect no less.

According to top customer reviews, this tent and its zipper can take any challenge life throws at them. The zipper wouldn’t burst, nor would it rust due to water exposure. This is because it’s been sprayed with a powder for resisting rust. Hence, we can be sure of a pain-free, hassle-free, and frustration-free experience when we opt for a Quictent Grow Tent!