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There are literally over 10,000 cannabis strains that have been created and of course documented over the last 50 years, and new ones are constantly being created and developed, with some amazing flavors and colors. In 2022 with legalization of cannabis in full swing across America, there are more and more cannabis strains being grown and created.

The most popular weed strains are usually containing various name brand flavors or tastes, infused with fun colors and such. The list below of cannabis strains are the 50 most popular strains we have seen being pushed both in the new strains market and in online cannabis forums.

Here is the complete list of the most talked about strains of cannabis for 2022 and probably for 2023 as well:

  1. Kush Mints
  2. MAC1 (Capulator)
  3. Larry’s Breath
  4. Marathon OG
  5. Purple Urkle
  6. Apple Fritter
  7. Cinderella XX (Brothers Grimm Seeds)
  8. Cereal Milk
  9. Horchata
  10. OG Kush
  11. Gelato 33
  12. Gelato 41
  13. Super Lemon Haze
  14. White Runtz
  15. Forbidden Runtz
  16. Wedding Cake
  17. Gushers
  18. GG4 (Josey Whales)
  19. Ice Cream Cake
  20. Bruce Banner
  21. Blueberry Muffin (HSC)
  22. Chemdog
  23. Sour Diesel
  24. Durban Thai x C99 (Brothers Grimm Seeds)
  25. Strawberry Cough
  26. Space Queen XX (Brothers Grimm Seeds)
  27. Grimm Glue (Brothers Grimm Seeds)
  28. Do sa do
  29. Do si dos
  30. Knights Templar OG (Ghost Grow)
  31. Sour Diesel
  32. Baklava
  33. Slurricane
  34. Khalifia Mintz
  35. Kryptochronic
  36. Kushman’s Grape Ape (Kyle Kushman)
  37. GrandiGuava (GrandiFlora Genetics)
  38. Animal Mints
  39. Peanut Butter Breath
  40. Blue Dream
  41. Durban Poison
  42. Lemon Drop
  43. Raunchy Runtz
  44. Skywalker OG
  45. Dogwalker OG
  46. Jet Fuel OG
  47. LSD
  48. Garlic Cookies
  49. Northern Lights
  50. Gelonade

Did we miss any tasty cannabis strains that you are a fan of?

Here are some honorable mention strains: lava cake strain, duct tape strain, mochi strain, sherblato strain, red velvet strain, gelatti, zookies, thin mintz, pink runtz, gelonade, animal face, larry bird strain, pink rozay, dream walker, cherry punch, berry pie, blueberry shortcake, gorilla cake, white durban, and garanimals strain. Send us your favorite strains and we will share them here with a guide on growing!

cannabis strain 2022

Make sure to check back here often for the latest marijuana strains that are hitting the market. Usually we see the top strains getting the most buzz out of Miami and Los Angeles, but lately we have seen some notable new reefer and ganja strains emanate from Portland as well as Boulder, Colorado.

If you have your own Mary Jane strain you want to share, drop a comment below and we will review it! And in the meantime, enjoy your day and don’t strain yourself!

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