Welcome to our cannabis grow tent guide, where we list tons of awesome resources, strains, how-to’s, and other grow tent guides for you to launch your indoor cannabis growing operation today!

Cannabis Grow Tent Guide: Products

Best Grow Tent Reviews – This is our homepage, where we break down everything you need to know about all types of grow tents, including the why, how, where, when, and everything else you may want to ask about indoor cannabis growing.


  • 2×2 Grow Tent Reviews – The smallest grow tent available, best for those who want to be discreet or lack space.
  • 2×4 Grow Tent Reviews – Good for small spaces, closets, attics and such.
  • 3×3 Grow Tent Reviews – A nice compact grow tent size where this isn’t much room available.
  • 4×4 Grow Tent Reviews – The most popular grow tent size – the 4×4 parameters give the perfect amount of space for indoor growing.
  • 4×8 Grow Tent Reviews – Now we’re getting bigger, with a modified version of the most popular grow tent size.
  • 5×5 Grow Tent Reviews – A very symmetircal size, the 5×5 grow tent is growing in popularity. No pun intended 🙂
  • 6×6 Grow Tent Reviews – The 6×6 grow tent is for those with space to spare, ideal in a large attic or basement floor.
  • 8×8 Grow Tent Reviews – 8×8 grow tents give a nice amount of breathing space and room for your indoor cannabis.
  • 10×10 Grow Tent Reviews – The 10×10 grow tent is the biggest size on the market – essentially a mini-indoors greenhouse.

Cannabis Grow Tent Guide: Resources

We will be adding a lot more to this list, in order to give you the best resources available to create amazing indoor cannabis grown under your roofs.