How to Choose the Right Sized Grow Tent

How to Choose the Right Sized Grow Tent

What can you do if you love gardening but have limited space? If you don’t know much about drilling holes to make an indoor garden, the best option for you might be to get a growing tent. What exactly is a growing tent? It is basically a box that is made up of fabric. The inside of the tent is covered with a reflective material, and you can grow plants in it.

It offers many benefits and is designed to basically allow you to do the following:

  • To hide your plants and related equipment
  • To control the climate inside
  • To provide maximum light penetration

The following things are what the growing space should have:

  • The canopy of the garden
  • A grow light with enough distance between it and the plants
  • Ventilation equipment including clip fans, exhaust fans, and carbon filters
  • Shears, nutrients, soil, pump, reservoir and other tools and accessories

When you have designated a space in your home to be the growing space, you can turn your attention to setting up a grow tent.

How Can You Set Up the Grow Tent?

Preparing the Setup

When you are going to set up a grow tent, you should make a blueprint prior to it. The blueprint should have the total area that you want to grow your plants on and the equipment that you are going to use and store in the grow tent. This will aid you in making a proper plan and help you set up the grow tent.

You also have to consider the electricity supply in the room. A normal home breaker would offer 15 amps and shouldn’t be maxed out. When using such a breaker, only 80% of its capacity should be used. Any unnecessary appliances should be removed from the room and the breaker should be used exclusively for that room. Another 100-amp subpanel should be added for safety so that if you want to add other appliances, you can do so without causing any damage.

The last thing you need to consider before setting up the tent is to make sure that a sink for the water runoff and refilling reservoirs are near the tent or where you have easier access to them. Install an industrial sink if you can as it would make the growing process easier.

Setting Up the Grow Tent

Once the blueprint has been made and you have the location ready, you can start setting up your tent:

  • Look at the blueprint and see what equipment you need to buy. Look up the cost of the equipment and other materials and accessories.
  • Anything that isn’t needed or related to planting should be taken out of the room.
  • Determine how much space needs to be kept between each pot. Keep in mind that you should have enough space so that you can work properly on each and every plant.
  • Make a space where you can keep all your tools and accessories. Maybe you can designate a bag or container for it.
  • Find out where you are going to put the tent and set it up. For exhaust, you need to keep the grow tent near a window. This is what you need to remember when you are installing your grow tent.

What Should Not Be Done in the Grow Area

While you now know how you can make the grow area such that it encourages plants to be healthy and grow faster, there are certain things that should not be done as it would end up punishing your plants and making the crop wither away and die.

Following are some of the things that you are to avoid at all costs so that you won’t end up destroying your plants:

Keeping the Grow Area Wet

You need to keep your growing space dry. Prevent keeping anything that can end up moistening the area. Keep any kind of trash away from your grow tent as they are the reason for pests, and keep your grow tent clean.

Being Disorganized with Your Equipment

See to it that your equipment is clean. One of the most common problems is cross contamination, which is usually caused by keeping used equipment with clean equipment. Furthermore, don’t put junk around the grow tent or the plants. Keep things organized by storing them in containers and avoid placing anything the growing space that you don’t need.

Bringing Outdoor Instruments Inside

Keep the outdoor equipment such as ladders out of the grow tent. By keeping these things in, you are giving pests like termites a chance to grow and spread.

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