A Discussion of Proposition 203: Medical Marijuana in Arizona

proposition 203 arizonaThe proposition of 203 in Arizona is the new Arizona Medical Marijuana Act. Arizona is following right behind California with the initiative of severe and chronic pain, added to the list of cancer, glaucoma, HIV, and AIDS, for qualifying the chronic pain for use of medical marijuana.
The opponents of this proposition believe that the use of medical marijuana will not be used by or to treat the ill, but instead will be taken over by the young people that use marijuana as a recreational drug. They said that this is enough of a reason to stop the proposition for Arizona Medical Marijuana.

Protection against Discrimination & Prosecution for legalized marijuana

In the new Medical Marijuana Act, will have patients that qualify and would be protected from discrimination by their employers, or even where they may rent their home, landlords cannot discriminate as well, just on the basis of being a registered medical marijuana patient.

You also do not have to worry about prosecution if you the patient do not have more than legally allowed to possess. Again, it is important to read up, and know the laws on medical marijuana so that you can use it safely, and legally. Considered a lot, it is 21 / 2 ounces of marijuana.

Rules for legal growing of cannabis

Only every other week, or every other week, also if you do not live within the twenty-five miles of a dispensary, then you legally can grow up to twelve plants of marijuana. Nevertheless, this must be in a locked area, including your house. Az. Medical marijuana is making great strides in making it legal with many boundaries and laws. (For the record, we recommend 4×4 grow tents for all indoor growing).

Some of the doctors are saying that if you weigh the problems against the benefits of Arizona Medical marijuana. With their belief that there will be what they call pot shops in the neighborhoods, there are already caravans that will drive around and sell the marijuana; called the Cannabis Caravan.

Opposition to Proposition 203

With the opponents there are just as many who support the proposition, the doctors who agree with this, say that there the majority of their patients that receive recommendations for the use of medical marijuana will mostly be the patients that are suffering from cancer. There is difference of beliefs from the doctors who work with drug addicts. In addition, doctors who treat patients that will benefit from the substance. As well, they do not agree with the pot shops, or people running around selling marijuana out of a caravan. This is a very strict law.

For the patients that suffer from chronic pain, fall into the guidelines as well to use or be recommended for the program. The belief is that some patients with chronic pain could ease their pain that they live with day and night, not to mention that every day they do suffer. If it does bring relief to patients in Arizona with chronic pain, then this could help get many patients off the narcotics taken on a daily basis to help deal with their pain.

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