ice cream strain

Ice Cream Strain

The Ice Cream cannabis strain is a veritably lush and bushy factory that contains veritably thick nuggets and is covered with tightly packed trichomes. It has enough heavy colors of green and long leaves and green- multicolored small kids. What makes it a farmer’s dream is its flexible stems. You can bend ice cream strain to train it to grow in the asked direction. Overall, you can identify Ice Cream by its frosty and riotous trichomes, which look like lately fallen snow. Hence the name Ice Cream!

Ice Cream is stylish grown through a ocean of Green fashion to get the stylish yield. It grows presto and performs well outdoors, taking about 8- 9 weeks to flower. At harvesting, you can anticipate to bag 500g per square cadence. Ice Cream is relatively easy to grow and requires warm, dry surroundings and high moisture if grown outside. You’ll also get a generous yield outside if you do everything right.

Ice Cream marijuana lets out a delicate vanilla note mixed with fresh pine and a sweet, deep, delicacy aroma. It turns slightly pungent and skunky on the exhale. It also boasts a succulent and delicate vanilla taste and undertones of earthy and sticky notes.

Ice Cream cannabis strain produces a buzz that starts from your head and moves to the rest of the body. The high is strong because of its energy. Ice Cream also has body- deadening goods that clear your mind and last for a long time. And due to Sativa genetics, it produces a heady cerebral sensation that uplifts moods and boosts creativity and focus.

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Adverse effects

  • Dizziness
  • Dry eyes
  • Paranoia

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