blueberry shortcake cannabis flavor

Blueberry Shortcake Cannabis Strain

Blueberry Shortcake Cannabis Strain

We are big fans of one of the more popular cannabis strains to hit the market in 2022, aptly known as blueberry shortcake. What makes Blueberry shortcake strain so unique is that it is a hybrid of sorts, but tilted toward Indica.

blueberry shortcake strainThe exact splits are 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. The origin of blueberry shortcake strain came from these original strains: Blueberry + Cherry Pie + Sour Grape strains, all mixed together.

Blueberry shortcake is obviously quite sweet and tasty, but it also has the ever so slightest earth-like nuttiness to it, combined with the much more prevalent cherry and berry flavors. Sweet, but dense!

The THC level clocks in at about 21.5% on average, and has an interesting appearance with frosty white crystal trichomes, which are are topped off with a healthy dose of sticky sweet resin.

Based on reviews we have read, blueberry shortcake seems like a relaxing strain to chill with at night after a long day. Comfortable, fun and pleasant, we highly recommend blueberry shortcake strain for your next cannabis adventure.

FYI, for those of you flavor freaks out there, the dominant terpene here is Humulene.

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